Golden Grain Energy, L.L.C. Unit Bulletin Board

This bulletin board site is for posting of buy and sell offers for Golden Grain Energy, L.L.C. units.  If you are interested in posting an offer to buy or sell units, please contact Golden Grain Energy, L.L.C. at (641) 423-8525 or email Whitney Brierly at  If you are interested in responding to a posting on the bulletin board, please utilize the contact information provided to contact the individual who posted the offer.  Postings have a date reflecting when they were posted.  All postings over four months old may be removed without notice. Golden Grain Energy, L.L.C. does not participate in any trading of Golden Grain Energy, L.L.C. units; however, because Golden Grain Energy, L.L.C. acts as transfer agent, you will be required to provide us with some information so that appropriate record changes can be made.  Once you contact us about consummating a transaction, you will be asked to provide the appropriate information.

To access our latest financial statements and operating agreement please follow this SEC link.

Click here to obtain the Third Amended and Restated Operating Agreement.


  • The seller cannot enter into a binding agreement to sell the units until the 15th day after his/her/its interest is listed.
  • The closing of a sale cannot occur prior to the 45th day after the units are listed.
  • The seller’s information will be removed within 120 days of its listing, and cannot be reentered into the bulletin board for at least 60 days after its deletion.

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Golden Grain Energy, L.L.C. is not a registered national securities exchange, securities information processor, broker, dealer or investment advisor.  The information set forth on the system does not consist of firm quotes, but rather is merely a list of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of interested sellers and buyers, the number of units or rights offered or desired to be purchased, and the price at which the proposed transaction would occur.  Golden Grain Energy, L.L.C. does not assure that any particular transaction will occur as to any particular number of units or at any particular price.  All transactions between members must be executed by the members independently of Golden Grain Energy, L.L.C. or any of its affiliates.  All applicable state and federal securities laws (including the anti-fraud and anti-manipulation provisions) apply to any offer made or transaction consummated using the system.  Any person who is a broker-dealer, an associated person of a broker-dealer, or who has a state securities license is responsible for identifying that fact.  ‘Two-sided quotes,’ in which a person indicates a bid to buy at one price and an offer to sell at another price are prohibited.  The registration requirements of the federal securities laws apply to all offers and sales through the system, absent an available exemption.